Auto Accident Treatment Near Del Mar

February 10, 2014 in Car Accident Chiropractor Solana Beach, Del Mar Chiropractor by Robert Walcher

Auto accident treatment del mar

Have you been involved in a collision and need auto accident treatment near Del Mar? If this is the case you may want to contact the Chiro4Life Center, but first here are some questions that may be going through your mind.


• What kind of Doctor should I see?
• What do I do with my car?
• Do I pay for the rental?
• Should I hire an attorney?
• How am I going to pay for my medical bills?

Hi, my name is Robert Walcher and I am a chiropractor in Solana Beach. I am an expert when it comes to treatment of car accidents here in San Diego, Solana Beach, Del Mar and all of North County. Here is what we will help you with:

• Treatment of soft tissue injuries
• Recommendations on what other Doctors you need to see
• Recommendation if you need an attorney
• How to get all of your medical bills paid for
• How to get pain and suffering re-imbursement

Here at Chiro 4 Life Center we will take care of you and your case from the beginning.

Call us today. The longer you wait the more ammunition you give the insurance company and the more complicated your case becomes.